DolJenn Consulting

DolJenn Consulting is a Strategic Management Consulting firm in Washington, DC that offers various consulting services for both public and private clients.

  • Role Front End Developer
  • Context Web Design & Dev
  • Period Mid 2016

Discovery & Planning

Information Architecture

Fundamental structure

A website may be visually stunning but no matter how beautiful or innovative, if the navigation or flow of content lacks synergy or is not intuitive, user experience is negatively affected. This confusion ultimately results in lost conversions.

I used A/B testing to gauge user behavior and tracked user flow with Google Analytics to ensure that content was displayed and organized in an effective manner.

DolJenn Consulting Information Architecture Example

Branding & Design



As the Front-end Developer, I was responsible for the design and development of the new site. One of the most challenging aspects of this project was creating a responsive, equally-proportioned section of five column services. Five is a number that most Front-end Developers cringe at, primarily because it doesn't divide into a whole number when placed into the common WordPress 12-column responsive grid layout. Since the length of the title and description altered between boxes, I ended up using the jQuery plugin matchHeight.js, which forces each column to have the same height. Responsiveness was met by transforming the columns into rows at device specified breakpoints.

DolJenn Consulting User Interface Example
on CodePen