Knowcyber offers a plethora of cybersecurity courses through their LMS to ensure that their customers have the latest knowledge and skills to combat cyber attacks.

  • Role Front End Developer
  • Context Web Redesign
  • Period Late 2016

Discovery & Planning



Content management systems are conducive to getting a site up and running quickly, as well as making changes on the fly. While I've worked with a handful of content management systems - including Drupal and Joomla - WordPress (WP) still reigns king, powering 26.4% of the web and controlling 59.4% of the CMS market share.1

Maintainability is a dreaded yet very important process and skill. Although the matter appears more automated on a CMS compared to static code, many of the associated challenges prevail - particularly the issue of incomplete information.

KnowCyber's previous priority had been concentrated on marketing so my first priority was getting my hands dirty by going in the backend to back up the files and install updates. Aside from the tedious delicacy that is often required to address underlying problems (queue the trial-and-error process of deactivating and reactivating every plugin), I'm always amazed and grateful for how unparalleled the development community is in its abundance of open-source information and willingness to offer support.

KnowCyber Maintaining WordPress

Branding & Design



KnowCyber User Interface
made in Illustrator - still hoping that Sketch will one day come to Windows...