LeGuard offers legal software that transforms how clients and their attorneys communicate and manage their professional and financial resources.

  • Role Marketing & Development
  • Context Web Redesign
  • Period Early-Mid 2016

Design & Development


Enhanced Versatility

LeGuard used ASP.NET to build their website and back-end application, however after a holistic review we thought that it would best suit their product offerings and marketing team if we switched their front-end over to WordPress. I enjoyed sketching a few wireframes using Illustrator and presenting it to them.

One of the most challenging development aspects of the project was the login authorization process, which required connecting the front-end to the back-end validation as well as making sure the handshake exchange was secure. There were many design options that we considered for the login form, but we decided on an inline style based on the benefits to decreased loading time and a more seamless user experience.

LeGuard Software


Customer Relationship Management

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales play uniquely different but equally important roles in the buyers journey. However it's imperative Sales and Marketing collaborate in order to improve customer acquisition. The HubSpot CRM software made this process achievable by increasing transparency and communication between the teams. In addition, HubSpot's Salesforce integration enabled us to asynchronously update the two databases. Valuable information such as specific notes, lead generation/nurturing details, form submissions, and lifecycle stages gave the Sales team relevant insight into the customer's interests, facilitating a smoother, accelerated transition from top to bottom.

LeGuard Third-Party Integrations